360 Experiential Programming/ Custom Experiences Activation

Connecting brands with consumers through live experiential marketing encourages people to not just be aware of your brand, but to interact with it. It’s not an event, its branding ALIVE. We create live experiences of all sizes that help form deeper relationships with your audience than traditional marketing methods, resulting in a stronger bond between brand and consumer.

TV commercials don’t have a smell. Taglines can’t shake hands. Websites don’t taste like chicken, or anything else. Human beings experience the world through their five senses – taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound – which leaves traditional marketing strategies severely limited in terms of long-term impact. Experiential marketing, however, creates memories through experiences, and memories are extraordinarily powerful.

Blueprint Global Group knows the creative possibilities with experiential marketing are boundless, and has assembled a staff of talented and unique individuals to develop the most compelling and effective ideas. Whether the client is looking to increase brand awareness, edify a brand identity, generate leads, image management or simply attract and secure new customers, Blueprint Global Group develops customized experiential marketing strategies that leverage a brand’s values by harnessing the power of its ideas and the energy of its advocates. 

  • Entrepreneurial Conferences  
  • Seminars
  • Festival Properties     
  • Entertainment Programming
  • Showcases                
  • Sports           
  • Fashion
  • Film              
  • Luxury 
  • Expositions – business, industry and market i.e tech expo, luxury expo, consumer expo, film expo, sports expo etc.

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