US-Africa Leadership Conference 


Blueprint Global Group produced a brand marketing campaign to provide a platform to build bridges for African and U.S. based businesses for network development , strategic partnerships, transcultural market intelligence and investor relations. Blueprint Global Group provided full service event production , secured top-tier media, talent and panelists . The motivation behind the establishment of the African Leadership Conference (ALC) seeks to provide a platform to answer pertinent questions on the widespread crisis of leadership development and management that plague the African continent; engaging the Africans in diaspora as well as supporters of the African cause. African Leadership Conference seeks to bring together an intimate group of CEOs, influencers and change-making collaborators to develop strategies that will deal with compliance, transparency and enforcement, to build trust and understanding with individuals, companies and government. Delegates included leaders from embassies of African countries and top-level Africans, Friends of Africa as well as leaders of institutions that are promoting development in Africa.

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