Beck’s Beer



Beer is often perceived to be old fashioned and does not fit the modern lifestyle of young people. Beck’s brewery wanted to show the industry how a new German beer can be launched successfully – against the general negative development trends in the German beer market. Beck’s desired to become one of the hip drinks of younger target groups coupled with an innovative marketing mix.


In effort to change consumer attitudes and perceptions, Blueprint Global Group and Brash v2.0 Communications developed a global media relation’s plan with the brand to reach pop culture & lifestyle magazines targeting younger consumers between the ages of 21-32 years of age. Through consumer research, we aligned the brand with a spokesperson and celebrity that have a global persona, affinity for beer, culture, and the arts. Pop star M.I.A. was selected to design a limited-edition bottle as part of a series of new bottles that would hit the shelves.


The highly publicized release of the M.I.A. specially curated product design and the limited-edition bottles earned the brand placements in music and lifestyle publications that amassed over 10,000,000 in earned media. News was syndicated and released via the Associated Press and hit over 1,000 online destinations. According to company representatives, sales of the Becks Beer products increased by 26% in North America and 9% in Germany.

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