Hugo Boss & D’USSÉ – The Boss Series

Blueprint Global Group developed a brand marketing campaign for Hugo Boss & D’USSÉ, a platform to celebrate, honor and highlight charitable movements of notable philanthropists in the sports and entertainment industries. The mission of the platform is to provide a network of support to empower change agents to continue the great work they are doing to impact the world, as well as create a platform to showcase their work and encourage others to be a part of the movement. The series provides a celebrity philanthropic showcase and networking opportunity for influencers, philanthropists, professional athletes, socialites, trendsetters and affluent both nationally and abroad.

The event showcased the luxury lifestyle brand showroom of Hugo Boss and provided the guests with experiential marketing of the  luxury brand. We uphold the philosophy that philanthropy is a lifestyle and a responsibility to be celebrated and partnered with luxury lifestyle brands that uphold community service as a priority.

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