Red Bull




Red Bull is a leading supplier in the energy drink category. One of the brands most interesting elements in the marketing mix is its approach to promotion. Due to declining media engagement from pop-culture magazines and the high cost of celebrity endorsements; the brand wanted to reach entertainers and fans in an innovative way that would create a lasting impression on consumers. The concept behind the promotional activity is to give people ‘wings’. This translates as pushing boundaries of what is possible and nurturing peoples talent so they can achieve their goals and dreams.



Blueprint Global Group and Brash v2.0 Communications teamed up to develop a media & artist relations plan that would put the brand in direct contact with pop, hip-hop, and EDM label artist, music & lifestyle media, and their target audience which consisted of pop culture enthusiasts. Our team worked with major recording labels in NYC to sponsor media lounges for artist press days. Red Bull product and signage was positioned in conference rooms and served as a backdrop to all media interviews. Major recording artist and media were able to experience & interact with the brand from an organic standpoint.



Red Bull hosted over 50 media lounges with platinum recording artists at Universal Music Group in New York, NY. The artist press days were attended by over 200 media outlets and garnered coverage on digital properties, online magazines, and social networks. The artists interacted with the product and shared their experiences with the world via social media pages. Red Bull received over 865,000 worth of earned media and reached over 10,000,000 fans on the artist social media pages and shares.

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