The Made Man Foundation


There are many visceral stereotypes and images surrounding black males. These negative representations of African and African American males are readily visible and conveyed to the public through the news, film, music videos, reality television, other programming and forms of media.  Blueprint Global Group was challenged to develop a platform that would set out to change the narrative surrounding men of color while also creating a platform that would foster community engagement and mentoring.


In a global effort to change the negative stereotypes surrounding men of color, Blueprint Global Group created a nationally recognized initiative entitled “The Made Man”. The Made Man initiative was built with the dual purpose of highlighting the outstanding achievements of African American males in the community while also establishing the necessary building blocks to showcase and brand the narrative that demonstrates the inspirational impact positive African American male influencers can have on transforming life choices of underserved African American male youth and adults.

Blueprint Global Group planned and executed an 11-city tour to include host cities Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Miami and other key cities. In each city, Blueprint Global Group held honoree receptions to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of notable African- American males in Banking, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, and in the community.   In each host city includes a 1-2 day-long series of events & community engagement programming that positions honorees to volunteer their resources to empower underserved male youth and adults in local schools and community organizations through motivational workshops, mentoring and donated suits.

Blueprint Global Group mobilized in each city bridging the gap between corporate America and the community at large. Blueprint Global Group partnered with community organizations and gave a portion of ticket sales to assist with fundraising to support their respective programs.


The Made Man initiative honored over 600 African & African American Males in the United States. Honorees mentored over 6,000 young males in the community and provided college applications for over 5,000 high school students.  The Made Man partnered with over 200 community organizations nationally. To change the narrative surrounding men of color, The Made Man initiative earned positive media attention by the Associated Press, Huffington Post, Washington Times, CNN, ABC News, NBC, CBS, KYW, Black Enterprise, Upscale Magazine, and more resulting in over 1 Billion media impressions.

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